Want to spruce up visual merchandising? Try display racks


Keeping the sales floor interesting for customers can be one of the most fun parts of being a retail store owner or manager, but it can also feel like a major chore or hassle at times. Even the people with the most experience in visual merchandising will find times when the fountain of ideas runs dry even though the store is due for an update. Sometimes, the solution is simple: Adding new retail display fixtures. The spark for an engaging design can often come from having a fresh fixture around which to focus a new display or overall layout. In many instances, a new display rack can help these efforts.

Scarves, handbags and other accessories
At some stores, deciding how to display smaller accessories is a pain. The smaller size of items means that display options are decreased and the lack of effective methods for showing off inventory to customers can lead to repetitive or boring designs. When highlighting accessories such as scarves, handbags and other fashion items, new display racks can help make a positive difference. These versatile fixtures come in a wide variety of designs that work in many different retail environments. The flexibility of shorter display racks, which can be used along with showcases and tables, helps in finding different ways to display old and new merchandise. Options ranging from single-item racks that help highlight specific handbags, to curved and spiraled stands for scarves, helps point out specific attributes of merchandise.

Other accessories, such as hats and glasses, can also be shown off using options that don't draw attention away from the products themselves. Wireframe display holders are an effective choice for these smaller items as they're designed to show off merchandise without drawing attention away from it. Depending on the regular or seasonal inventory of a store, a modest investment into these accessory display fixtures can certainly pay off in the long run.

Mannequins and body forms
Mannequins are another option for displaying accessories. Mannequin head forms are an inexpensive choice that help customers see exactly how a given accessory will look when worn and can be used to highlight new arrivals or items that are on sale. The important thing for retailers to remember is that there are plenty of options for accessory displays and purchasing just a few can help attract customers and improve sales.


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