When should you put up holiday displays?


You've probably heard the question; "Why are stores preparing for Christmas? It's not even Halloween." There have been numerous jokes and comments about how the holiday shopping season seems to begin earlier every year. Retail spaces need to make sure they don't fall behind the market, but when is it too soon to put up holiday displays?

"Stores consistently react to consumer demands for relevant merchandise."

Slate suggested early holiday marketing is not a new phenomenon. The magazine published numerous examples of early 20th century ads that promoted Christmas shopping deals and products in August. It may seem like the holidays sneak in sooner every year, but in reality, stores consistently react to consumer demands for relevant merchandise.

About 38 percent of consumers begin holiday shopping before the end of October, according to the Specialty Retail Report. The report advised retail spaces to start putting up their holiday displays in the middle of October.

On the other hand, The Retail Doc suggested early holiday offers may lead to initial spending but will lose a business money in the long run. Shoppers may spend less early on and if they hit your store in October, they may not return when it comes time to do their major buying. This goes along with The Province newspaper's accounts of customers frustrated by the lack of Christmas merchandise in December because early promotions resulted in the sale of the bulk of the goods.

A retail space may want to have its fruit cake and eat it to. The Specialty Retail suggested bringing in additional display fixtures in October. Stores can promote holiday merchandise that does well early on but save full displays for November. Small basket displays throughout the store may offer items that keep the holidays in mind without stealing major real estate.

Businesses can also create holiday displays with minor adjustments to visual merchandising. For example, managers can compliment normal product display with signage indicating the goods would make excellent Christmas gifts.


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