Let your props tell the whole story


When it comes to visual merchandising, it truly is the tiny details that separate a boring store presentation from a display fixture that grabs customer attention. This is why besides the basics – tables, racks, etc. – retailers would be wise to consider their options when it comes to props.

Making props pop can be easier said than done, however. So before you load up on retail display props, think about ways to maximize their effectiveness.

Bringing displays alive
There's been plenty of news in recent years regarding how store mannequins are being designed to look more realistic. While this provides obvious benefits for clothing retailers as it allows customers to better see how clothes will actually fit, it also makes store displays feel less like advertising and more like real life.

Mannequins aren't the only way to make displays appear more authentic. For instance, merchants selling farming equipment or tools intended to be used in a garden can turn a standard retail display into an outdoors illustration with natural props like artificial fruits and veggies, as well as life-like plants.

Even a swimsuit sale can get in on the action with a beach stone runner intended to imitate a trip to the shore.

Sticking to a theme
Another great benefit of props is how they can assist with every retailer's best friend: seasonality. Different times of the year inspire shoppers to visit merchants like clockwork. Besides obvious examples, such as the retail rush during the holiday season, different merchants can count on increased business depending on the season.

Changes in the weather mean more people shopping for new clothes, while summer wedding season could result in home stores seeing an uptick in silverware and appliance sales.

Regardless, whether you're looking to latch on to a holiday or simply make your store feel more seasonal, props can give you what you need.

Why not spice up a Valentine's Day sale with some cupid and hearts corrugated paper? Or perhaps you need a basket of pastel-colored eggs to complete your Easter display?

Either way, props can give your retail display fixtures the little details they need to catch customer eyes and boost sales. From backdrops and screens to crates and containers, there's no shortage of ways to make props work for your business. A little creativity and forward planning can help you enhance your store in a fun, easy way.


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