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Retailers that offer jewelry as the main focus of their stores or as part of a larger mix of merchandise should consider updating the forms and displays they use to show off their wares. While customers are often more focused on the jewelry itself than the retail display fixtures used, an engaging display goes a long way toward catching customers eyes and encouraging them to take a closer look. One easy way to craft a more unique presentation for jewelry is with Retail Resource's own R-Innovation series of mesh displays. The wide variety of forms and shapes makes them useful for many different stores, whether they're displaying costume jewelry on the retail floor or more expensive items inside of a showcase.

Here's a look at the different forms available to store owners, as well as a special offer for those who read this and act quickly:

Abstract forms
The variety of R-Innovation mesh stands allows retailers to pick and choose the items that work best for their unique situations and display requirements, and there's not reason not to mix the abstract and more defined forms offered. The abstract forms in the R-Innovation line offer a less defined base that a store owner can use to create unique and engaging arrangements of smaller pieces of jewelry, as well as a mix of different items. Round and square trays can be used in a utilitarian fashion, holding items for perusal by customers, as well as to highlight a specific set or pairing. Riser sets and easels add more versatility to the mix, allowing retailers to craft a small-scale display on the counter or in a case with an emphasis on lines and angles to highlight the jewelry within.

Defined forms
The R-Innovation neck forms, jewelry cuffs and necklace and earring stands make it easy for shoppers to see how jewelry will look when worn from afar. Along with customers trying the pieces on themselves, this helps them form a mental picture of the item they're considering for purchase and can help to spur sales. The uniform mesh appearance of these pieces helps create a consistent look throughout a jewelry counter or an entire store.

A limited-time offer
Retailers on the fence about adding attractive new jewelry display pieces should consider this: A visit to our page of discounted R-Innovation jewelry forms by Oct. 31, 2014 will save you 50 percent on all eligible items.


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