Setting up a jewelry counter


Businesses seeking to diversify might benefit from having even a small selection of mid-range jewelry. Some popular options are items made from silver and inset with different gemstones. They don’t necessarily have to include gold and diamonds. There is a large selection of beautiful necklaces, bracelets and rings that don’t cost very much. If you’ve already set up a jewelry counter, then consider getting some additional versions of the items below. Otherwise, it never hurts to have as wide a selection of items as possible.

Setting up the counter
Much of jewelry’s mystique comes from the presentation of the items. At the very least, the right jewelry displays will be necessary to press upon the shopper the value of the items being shown. Bracelets belong with displays for that purpose, and so on. The point is to dazzle someone with an array of contrasting shapes, materials and colors.

For items that sparkle, be sure to buy jewelry polishing cloth in order to clean the items from dust and oil residue that builds up when customers handle the jewelry. Everything should be immaculate.

Choosing the right displays is a challenge on its own because there are so many options to choose from. A large neck display with a stand up form is good because it has a delicate, almost translucent finish that would greatly enhance polished jewelry and necklaces made from other materials as well. The plain simplicity of the form is already beautiful, and contrasting this shape and texture with something baroque or very fanciful can make for a striking image that will intrigue people.

Mesh jewelry displays are always marvelous choices. They work especially well with items that jangle or jingle. The appearance of the mesh is a kind of visual representation of the sound the jewelry makes when it is taken off or removed from the display for someone to try one. Large earrings also look good because they can be placed through the holes in the mesh.

Jewelry cases
Remember to buy jewelry boxes. Rings, earrings and bracelets all get their own special boxes that are dressed in velvet for visual merchandising effect. The exterior can be black or red, and the interior is a silky white color that helps to make the items feel more special. Completing a purchase by putting merchandise into a beautiful container and sending it to the customer will add to the level of appreciation the shopper feels.


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