Showing off jewelry with displays


Setting up a jewelry counter requires a few basic items in order to feel complete from a visual merchandising standpoint. Shop owners that specialize in jewelry will want to buy extra items. The goal is to furnish the store such that the entire space contains the necessary equipment for selling jewelry. Clients will be people who want a range of items – from more expensive ones to thriftier products.

The first thing a store owner has to select is a set of displays. A wide variety of options are available, ranging from a earring displays to different necklace and ring displays, depending on what is being offered in the store. Items that are less expensive can be shown on earring cards or similar products, which allow someone to pick up an item being stored on a display that is easily reachable. More luxury items might do better under glass within a showcase but these will also need to be displayed – perhaps on ring stands or earring racks, which have a more affluent feel to them. There are also hand displays, which can show a number of rings as they would appear on someone's fingers. Necklaces can be shown on neck displays, which model human necks, but there are also bronze tall necklace displays, which will make for a more dramatic presentation.

Remember to buy plenty of jewelry boxes to pack the items for after they are sold. Velvet boxes make for wonderful containers, and add a complementary feeling of lavishness that will benefit even the less-expensive items on display.

Other items that help to complete a jewelry counter
Along with the jewelry displays for necklaces, rings and other items, one should to have a mirror that will let people see how the item looks on their hands or around their necks. The counter of a glass display case is wonderful place to put extra touches of elegance along with a mirror, such as a tray for holding spare rings. When someone is shopping for something specific and goes through items one at a time, the clerk could put the chosen items into a wooden tray for safe keeping. Shiny metal and jewels both look very good when they are juxtaposed with wood because of the difference in textures. Another option would be to use a tiered serving tray made from wrought iron, which will similarly juxtapose a rough exterior with the polished silver, gold or brass of the jewelry being put on the tray.


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