Make it easy for customers: Emphasize signs and price tags


Having an attractive layout and engaging displays are both important for encouraging shoppers to enter your store and make purchases, but they’re not the only things you need to do. Along with visual merchandising efforts, there are more practical considerations. One of the most important is making prices and other important information quickly and easily visible. Although there are a few exceptions, the vast majority of retailers should have all of their items priced to avoid customer confusion and make the shopping process easy. The same goes for highlighting sales and promotions: Customers won’t be able to take advantage of them if there isn’t clear instructions about the terms of the deal and what products are included.

Here are a few valuable tools that store owners can use to inform customers and encourage them to make purchases:

  • Price tags: A basic building block for retail stores, price tags convey valuable information to customers in a clear and concise manner. In many instances, price tags remove confusion from the minds of shoppers – an incredibly important advantage during times when a store is busy and there isn’t an employee immediately available to answer questions. Depending on the store and types of merchandise sold, price tags can also answer frequently asked questions, highlight the origin of an item and provide other information to customers quickly and reliably.
  • Labels and stickers: Labels and stickers combine the informative nature of price tags with pre-printed convenience. There are a variety of different stickers and labels that carry complete information – such as listing a 25 percent or 50 percent discount – and ones that have have blank fields to be filled in at the retailer’s discretion. These encourage customers to make a purchase by making the process quicker and easier. Combined with an applicator, it’s easy to put stickers or labels on a large amount of products in a short period of time.
  • Pricing guns: Stores that have a relatively large amount of inventory out on the sales floor will benefit from having pricing guns in their toolbox. The small time commitment by an employee to price items will pay off as shoppers know exactly how much they’re paying and don’t have to seek out a staff member or waver on a final decision because they’re unsure of the price.

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