Displaying things with stackable cubes and etageres


With stackable cubes, companies are able to place just about anything inside of an object that can be adjusted or moved at will – perfect for visual merchandising. For example, a jewelry store can place a display inside each of the cubes for a series of totally different looks that will intrigue the viewer and encourage that person to mix and match. Alongside jewelry, the stackable cubes can display shirts and trousers, letting people see one kind of fabric juxtaposed with another. The products could also hold physical objects like books or computer components. There is really nothing that such a display couldn’t be used for. The limit is really one’s own imagination. Food like cereals or even produce could be displayed in a cube – for example, someone could put herbs or spices alongside baskets of garlic or ginger. An entire wall could be devoted to one type of cuisine with each cube exemplifying ingredients from that region.

For an entirely different look that would complement display cubes, there are also four-by-six grid shelves, which are perfect for displaying clothes or other items. One could even use the objects to form a small library by putting little pieces of cardboard under the grid bottoms so nothing falls out. One could put baskets into the grids to display yarn and next to the yarn in another grid put a finished product made from that yarn.

Designed in France in the latter half of the eighteenth century, etageres speak to a vanished, old-world charm that can be brought back through the nimble juxtaposition of different objects on this display stand. Etageres can be made from glass, metal or wood. They are perfect for storing different things at multiple heights. For example, one could put flowers or other objects in planters like basil or vines that would crawl down to the base of the object. One could also put precious items of porcelain or stoneware to highlight the beautiful texture of good ceramics next to the rough, gnarled feel of a wooden etagere. One might also set up little dioramas on each platform. For example, one could place a candle and a few stones or decorate objects for a little display of small things, highlighting each precious object and showing off its unique qualities. Viewers will be intrigued as they go from the bottom of the display stand to the top, looking at each little scene.


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