Get the right mix of display fixtures for your clothing store


The good news for stores that dedicate some or all of their floor space to selling clothes is that a wide variety of fixtures are available to show off their wares. Retailers need to create an engaging store environment whenever possible and having some retail display fixtures in place is a major part of such efforts. Along with good visual merchandising displays, clothing racks and other items help customers get a good look at the merchandise on sale and make a decision to purchase.

Here's a look at three different display fixtures that clothing retailers should consider adding to their stores, both to improve storage capacity and to attract customers:

  1. Clothing racks: They sound utilitarian, but there are plenty of clothing racks that offer a sense of style and help build on the overall theme or attitude of a retail store. There many different options, from round and half-round racks that create a compact and inviting display, to various garment box racks that have a distinct profile and fill the display role well. These fixtures are durable and many can be modified or added to with additional hang rails and other accessories. Racks literally support clothing retail efforts and can be found in many different styles and finishes to match existing fixtures and decor.
  2. Collections: New stores and those looking for a total makeover should consider the power of display fixture collections. Collections offer a number of different sizes and shapes of display racks while maintaining a similar underlying structure, color and finish. A consistent group of fixtures helps to cement the identity of a retail store on a basic level. With a cohesive set of fixtures in place, retailers can then focus on more complex visual merchandising efforts and tie together the appearance of the business on the sales floor.
  3. Perimeter hardware: These low profile fixtures help businesses maximize their available space by utilizing the walls of a store as a base for shelving, waterfall hook mounts and other items. Perimeter hardware helps show off bulky or unwieldy items like handbags and backpacks and can also be use to highlight new arrivals, hot items and sale products as well.

A good approach to display fixtures makes it easier to effectively display clothing and attract customers. The addition of just a few pieces of perimeter hardware or a new clothing rack can help keep a store looking fresh as well.


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