Selling clothes with bust forms


Bust forms have become a trendy visual merchandising item for shopkeepers lately. They often look beautiful on their own, and additionally make for a great way to sell either a man's suit or a woman's dress. Choosing the right one is a challenge in its own right, as many exist on the market. Generally it helps to think of the bust first and foremost as a tool for selling different items, and secondary to that, to pick the bust that looks the most like it would belong at the kind of store the owners want to present.

Choosing and presenting bust forms for women's couture
The classic bust form has wheels and a simple abstract model of a woman's body. It can be used similarly to a mannequin, but is largely suitable for showing dresses and gowns. Remember that busts do not allow for the display of pants or skirts. It is also a more formal look than a mannequin, which is typically fashioned from plastic, while busts are often made of heavy fabric. For a dramatic look inside the show window, consider setting up three busts with three different gorgeous, jaw-dropping dresses. In this case, the simplicity of the form would contrast with the extraordinary effect of seeing three beautiful outfits all at once. People would probably turn their heads as they walk past to see something so impressive.

Inside the store, busts can be used as decorations – left bare to expose their forms – or used to augment existing mannequins. If you use busts as mannequins, consider getting one that is made of plastic. These are more accurate representations of a woman's body and may make the clothes they wear look better. Additionally, if the busts are just for show, think of getting a striped bust form, because these have a vintage look that is currently in style.

The man's bust form as a model for dress clothes
Men's clothing can also be shown very successfully using a man's bust form. The goal in this case would still be to show off something really fancy that a man might not typically wear. It's possible a man might look at one or two or the fashion choices on a bust and try to emulate the palette someone chose or perhaps the cut of the jacket, the juxtaposition of a tie with a shirt, or something similar. Putting all of these little touches together creates a very fashionable outfit that might be too much for someone to be able to pull off. However, the good thing about busts is they do not have faces or bodies – they are ideal forms, and only express the clothes being worn. An owner could probably go a bit more over the top with a bust than with a mannequin, simply because a mannequin has a head. Again, the choice of plastic bust or fabric is largely about the final use. For decoration, fabric busts with metal stands would look the best. Consider buying a neck cap as well.


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