Is your store Instagram-ready?


If a retail space bans photography, it's missing out on a chance for shoppers to become brand advocates. Retail Geek said customers like taking pictures in store to ask friends and family for advice, to create a visual shopping list and to share great deals on social media.

A recent Nielsen survey indicated people trust retail recommendations from friends and family or consumer online postings over all other marketing content. Many brick-and-mortar stores have turned to sites like Instagram to create materials that capitalize on a consumer market that utilizes social media. Encouraging in-store photos gets shoppers sharing brand content with their contacts and other social media users.

The easiest way to promote social sharing is to display signage indicating good photo opportunities. Signs should detail what hashtags or other social media trends the store supports. You can reward shoppers who share images or other content on certain channels.

Product displays can group products for photos.

Store displays can group products for photos.

You can also take pictures yourself and publish them on social channels. Store photos should highlight specific details, they should try to emphasis brand colors or unique features that would encourage people to visit the actual location. HGTV contributor Miss Mustard Seed suggested using slightly more complex arrangements for photos. Consider photographing in-store product displays that are intricately balanced to create the most interesting image and then simplify the shelving for daily display. Your store's visual merchandising strategy should be photo friendly. Retail Minded offered some suggestions for preparing goods and displays for photography. The most important thing is space; items should stand out in pictures. Stores that want to share products on social media shouldn't cram them together or press them against a wall. You should display the merchandise on a table or shelf, either on its own or surrounded by accessories.


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