Items to buy for Valentine’s Day


It's less than two weeks away from Valentine's Day, and the opportunity is still there for making additions to a retail store that help boost sales. This is especially important for jewelry sellers, as many people will buy their partners jewelry to celebrate this special holiday. As such, making sure you have enough jewelry displays will become critical.

Mesh jewelry displays are a popular item, and they can be used to sell many different objects of beauty. For example, there is a mesh holder for bracelets and watches. These can hold bangles and other items – just about anything that goes on a wrist can fit into a display like this. The wire mesh makes the holder even more versatile, as earrings can also be displayed by hooking through the gaps in the mesh. This means the bracelet holder can stand upright and show many different earrings on it as a special decoration.

The black wire mesh jewelry display is even more useful as it has been designed for holding necklaces. There is also a place where earrings can hang. By using a combination of the two types of jewelry, a shop owner can demonstrate how well certain combinations work together.

Finally, there are simple mesh trays. These are used to show rings and other things that can't hook on to or wrap around an ordinary display. For a store specializing in watches, showing the wrist bands that can go with different watches might be impressive when taken outside the context of a specific timepiece.

Other Valentine's Day supplies
When decorating for Valentine's Day, owners should remember their entire store is being shown to the world, so visual merchandising is critical. While many people will be buying loved ones jewelry, others might buy sweaters, scarves or other items of clothing. Having signage to go with Valentine's Day is a good idea as these can indicate there is a sale. One should also decorate all display tables with red tablecloths as appropriate.

Also, remember that because many of the items being sold are going to be gifts, it's a good idea to buy extra boxes and wrapping paper. Purchase gift bags, as well. Make sure these look elegant and refined, as people want to have a more sophisticated-looking present on a holiday like Valentine's, versus one given Christmas or a birthday.


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