OSB & Construction Chic Trends

Retail Resource just introduced an exclusive Urban Construction collection.

Retail Resource just introduced an exclusive Urban Construction collection.

A new trend is quickly emerging in retail design and visual merchandising. Construction chic is somewhat similar to industrial chic but with a more modern appeal. Designers are using raw materials such as wood, concrete and steel  to create fixtures, display pieces, slatwall, ceiling and wall coverings, flooring and more to provide a rugged and unfinished appearance in retail spaces.

Retail Resource just introduced an exclusive Urban Construction collection with OSB as the main component. The collection includes core merchandising fixtures and accessories.  A matching slatwall panel is also available to purchase through Retail Resource.



What is OSB?      OSB is an abbreviation for oriented strand board, which is a type of engineered lumber formed by adding adhesives to wood scraps and then compressing layers of wood strands in specific orientation. This material features a rough and raw aesthetic that will provide a visually appealing backdrop to various types of merchandise.


This material features a raw and rough appearance.





Why is OSB a popular material to use now?  The rise of the cost and demand of lumber and plywood has  manufacturers turning to OSB  as an affordable alternative.  OSB is also known for it’s strength making it convenient to use in an assortment of applications.  A few other positive factors include, ease of use and it is sustainably produced. The boards are sanded down and smoothed while still maintaining a textured look. You can add primer and then paint or stain the boards as desired. The fixtures in Retail Resource’s Urban Construction collection feature a clear lacquer to seal the wood and prevent chipping.


Add primer and paint to suit your needs.

Revamping old buildings and factories as well as constructing new spaces to mimic old buildings is becoming more and more popular.  OSB and other raw materials enhance the modern industrial style while maintaining the original charm of the structures.  Suit, an Icelandic clothing company recently implented OSB into their space along with other raw materials for a great example of  an industrial construction chic look.

How will OSB benefit the design of my space? The unconventional pattern in the board adds interest and contrast to blank walls and plain floors.  Chrome or black metal accessories coordinate well with OSB and will help to further enhance the look. The simplicity of the material provides a humbling feel while allowing the merchandise to remain the focus in stores.  OSB fixtures and displays will compliment the atmosphere in a variety of retail spaces such as; pet stores, skate shops, sporting good stores, art and craft supply shops, florists, comic book stores ,clothing and shoe stores.

If you are seeking a unique theme in a new retail space or are just looking to revamp an exhisting store, OSB is a step in the right direction.


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