The many uses of dump bins


For those who plan on having a sale in the future, dump bins are a great ally. Their form is such that just about any type of merchandise can be put into them. As long as the item placed in the dump bin is large enough that it would not fall out of the wire mesh, then it will stay inside. This will be true even as people move from bin to bin, rummaging through them and moving their contents around.

For those who want a permanent visual merchandising solution, dump bins are a useful tool as well. There are wire bins with adjustable shelf levels, which allows someone to control the depth of the bin depending on how much needs to be placed in it at a time. There are also basket towers, which are essentially several dump bins stacked one on top of another, with each easily accessible to a shopper.

Using dump bins for sales
Every good retail store should have a collection of dump bins for times when extra merchandise is added to a store and there is a sale. For a job like this, having a dump bin with casters might be the best option because it can be pushed around easily. An employee can fill it up in the backroom and then move it to the front of the store without much trouble. Shoppers can also appreciate having something to sort through, as it makes shopping feel a little more like an adventure. Special retail sign holders can be bought to place on top of dump bins to let customers know what the discounted value of the items inside are.

These objects can store goods as varied as shirts or books, which is perfect for sales when old merchandise from the previous season is replaced with the goods for the next season. As the year tilts closer to spring, it may be a good idea to see how many dump bins are available so there is room for both old items on sale and new merchandise.

Regular functions of a dump bin
When having a dump bin around the store for a regular item, it may be a good idea to use it for just one type of good. This way, there would be less confusion about why different things would be placed in the same wire mesh basket. Unless the dump bin is part of a regular discount bin, it's better to have a basket tower in order to sort the items into different categories, which are neatly arranged one on top of another.


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