3 tricks to open up your retail space


Small stores don't have to feel cramped. Companies may want to embrace modernist design in their retail building by finding new ways to give their stores a sense of space. No matter what the size of your physical establishment is, there are three tricks you can use to remove clutter from your store:

1. Discover where customers need space
You can't always knock down walls or remove support beams. Your store does have a set amount of space and you have to utilize certain areas for necessary visual merchandising displays. Sometimes the practice of creating room in your business is a matter of rearranging products and fixtures based on customer paths.

Open Forum recommended tracking shoppers as they move around your store and seeing where they bump into things or have problems navigating the floor. You can see where you will need to prioritize space, and where you might get away with snugness.

A lack of clutter makes it easier to see certain products.A lack of clutter makes it easier to see certain products.

2. Utilize three dimensions
When planning your visual merchandising and store layout, you must be innovative and think beyond what you can place on the floor. Small Biz Viewpoints said you should maximize your business space by utilizing vertical display possibilities as well as horizontal.

You have to make sure shelves and apparel fixtures connected to walls are properly secured. Slatewall panels are a great way to create a simple wall display able to hold a substantial amount of weight.

3. Create the illusion of openness
To remove a cluttered look, you may not actually have to physically open up your store. You can create a spacious atmosphere through color and lighting in your interior design. Entrepreneur listed a variety of ways store visuals may influence audience perceptions to prevent shoppers from feeling closed in.

You don't need to install a window to make a space appear larger, bold colored accent walls will have the same effect. You can also use less cumbersome retail display fixtures or neutral colors to prevent a cluttered appearance. Don't forget to invest in proper lighting to prevent losing space perception to shadows.


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