Getting the most out of your space


Many businesses, particularly small ones, don't have as much floor space as the owners might want. The best way to maximize space is to effectively use walls in combination with managing the interior of the store. For someone selling clothes, this can mean using not only the best apparel fixtures but also grid fixtures that fit directly onto the wall.

Grid walls are an excellent way to provide space for a company because they are customizable. Different fittings can attach to the grids, and the grids themselves can often be on wheels, which are easily moved. When these are brought into the store, the customer's movement can be controlled, so they are forced to see more of the merchandise as they move from one place to another. This encourages people to look more carefully at the available merchandise, which boosts the possibility of an impulse purchase. By mixing up grid fixtures with ordinary apparel fixtures, the store will seem larger than it really is because it will contain more items. A properly fitted store can overflow with different clothes and accessories, but it will never be difficult to walk through, provided owners make sure everything is spaced appropriately.

Use as much available room as possible
A key to visual merchandising is to avoid creating dead space For example, a space in the middle of the room isn't as effective at storing merchandise as a corridor that snakes through a space, guiding the customer on a tour of everything available for sale.

Using display tables can be an effective method for filling up a room that would otherwise have zones where there is nothing on sale. These can have books stacked on them or perhaps bins with sweaters or t-shirts.

Another way to maximize space is to use glass showcases for storage. Even if the items aren't intended for sale, they are still technically on display, which creates the appearance there are many items in the store, and this sense of lavishness will boost the customer experience. Additionally, a glass display case can be used under the register. Include inside the case some props and decor or perhaps some simple jewelry displays. This will add further room in the store where people can see the smaller items that might otherwise get lost in among clothes. On top of the displays, more items can be placed additionally.


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