Visual merchandising that deters theft


It’s better to deter a possible shoplifter than to catch one in the act. If you spot a shoplifter, you have to call in security and create a scene. On the other hand, you don’t want your store to look like a prison. Locked cases, multiple warning signs and visible cameras may scare away potential shoplifters, but they could have a similar negative effect on honest shoppers.

There are multiple visual merchandising strategies you can use to discourage criminal activities. Sourceable, a design and architecture website, encouraged retailers to create open spaces. Valuable merchandise shouldn’t be hidden away, it can be by the checkout counter or in the middle of the store. By placing expensive items on displays that promote use, employees and other shoppers can easily see when customers handle those valuable assets.

Employees can help shoppers and provide casual supervision. Employees can help shoppers and provide casual supervision.

Stores can also use retail display fixtures to create access lanes that force shoppers to walk past other people and employees as they move around the store. Specialty Retail Support said there are many ways staff can check on suspicious customers without appearing too aggressive.

Employees can ask if shoppers need help when they appear nervous or lost. If they spot someone who looks suspicious, staff can ask if they need help ringing the item up.

Instead of multiple warnings displayed next to products, you should be efficient with your signage. Reminders of a store’s shoplifting policy should be posted up high where casual shoppers are less likely to look, but where thieves check for security cameras. Shopify said signage with visual representations of eyes are usually quite effective.

Visual merchandising is often used to subtly influence behavior. By creating a store layout that eliminates blind spots, encourages staff interactions with shoppers and indicates store involvement with all activities, a space can stop shoplifting before it ever starts.


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