Preparing for Black Friday


It's not too late to get ready for the biggest sales event of the year. Black Friday is a time when more customers will be in your store at once, so you have to prepare well in advance. Consider the layout and rethink how your products are sold and displayed.

The presentation of the store
Don't be afraid to put up a lot of decorations for this event. The best decorations will likely be posters and banners. If you use larger props like a Christmas tree, you will taking away room that could otherwise be used to display merchandise. Think about making this day especially festive by opening early or even on midnight.

The basic rule of any Black Friday sale is that people will want to flood the store and grab discounted items quickly. So plan for this by putting your products on hangers. If a dress is on a mannequin, then people won't know if it's on sale or not. But this might be a good idea if you want to sell something expensive along with cheaper goods. For example, a beautiful and expensive gown could be put on display above other clothes that cost less money. Interested parties can contact someone at the register to ask about the items that are less immediately available, making them more mysterious and raising their value in the eyes of the shoppers.

Preparing for the sale
When products in the store are on sale, a business wants to make it absolutely clear what is being sold for what price. The best way to do this is with tags and signs. These can range from sandwich boards outside the store to fliers inside the store and on top of clothes racks. Tags can vary by color and show a price. If owners don't want to change every tag in the store, they may simply highlight the tag with different colored markers and then put up a flier that explains what each of the colors indicates. This is what many stores do when they have a lot of merchandise they want to move quickly.

Another way to indicate what is on sale is to use display tables. Put the items for sale on tables and have them within reach of consumers. But make sure to provide room in the store for people to move around because customers will want to find the best deals, and this entails movement.


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