3 effective methods to display clothing accessories


Retailers that sell accessories to go along with clothing items need to be sure they're effectively drawing attention to these smaller, but still important, pieces of merchandise. An attractive display of accessories helps create higher sales volume and encourages customers to become repeat customers as they look for the bracelet, scarf, necklace or other items needed to complete their desired look. There are plenty of options for store owners looking to balance the showcasing of accessories with the need to protect these products from being damaged or stolen. Here's a review of some of the most useful tools for these kinds of displays:

  • Display cubes: These versatile retail display fixtures offer a good balance between visibility and security. The display cube protects the items stored inside and also offers opportunities to create a theme or stage a scene without worrying about it being disrupted by employees or customers. With this approach, high-value items can be kept behind the counter or in another secure area, while still allowing shoppers to get an up close and personal look at the products they want to purchase. Available in a variety of sizes, display cubes can be placed on shelves, behind the counter and in plenty of other locations around a store, making them especially versatile.
  • Scarf displays: Scarves present some unique challenges in terms of display. They can be added to a mannequin or body form, of course, but there's still a need to display the actual inventory for sale in an eye-catching manner. This is where items such as scarf stands and rings come into play. Allowing these very flat accessories to be displayed in three dimensions, stands and rings increase visibility and draw in customers and make it easier to organize and track inventory as well.
  • Earrings and rings: Whether a business deals in costume jewelry or more valuable items made of gold and jewels, effective display is a must. There are a variety of earring and ring display options that offer different combinations of accessibility, security and visibility, allowing retailers to meet their individual needs for safely displaying their inventory. From inexpensive racks and hand displays to more expressive and unique display methods, there's something available for every type of store.

An engaging display is key for successfully selling accessories. With so many different options available, retailers can create a display strategy that works for them.


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