Visual merchandising is more effective with the right props and decor


Having a display that stands out is key for retailers, especially those in shared commercial areas where other businesses that are also competitors are working to draw in shoppers. Having great products is important, of course. However, many potential customers won't learn about the high-quality offerings of a store unless there's something to initially capture the attention of passers-by during the limited time they have in front of your store. Effective visual merchandising is the most powerful tool for catching the eyes of potential buyers, and props and decor are the way to create truly unique and relevant showcases of items.

With the right props, decor and backdrops, displays of merchandise move from being utilitarian to a more unique and engaging visual presentation. Instead of a group of products, customers can see an item in action or a setting where it would commonly be used. These more advanced displays also help to create an overall mood for a store, broadcasting the intent of a brand and creating a more cohesive shopping experience than simply an arrangement of products for sale.

Here's a look at props and decor, two major components of effective themed displays:

  • Props: The items placed with actual products for sale set the scene and help to create a complete picture for shoppers. Retailers have a range of options when it comes to props, both in the ones they select and how they are used. Natural props are some of the most versatile, as they allow many different businesses to show how different items look while being used. The addition of a green raffia mat is an effective and economical way to present grass and set the outdoor scene. Artificial fruits and vegetables can be used in an abstract display sense or to specifically theme a presentation.
  • Backdrops and screens: These elements really make displays stand out and set them apart from products on shelves and racks. A backdrop or screen provides a visually engaging space that a display can be set in front of. There are plenty of options available in both season- and event-specific banners as well as more general screens that can be purchased in color schemes often used by a retailer. The little things make a big difference when it comes to effective visual merchandising, so businesses need to consider the use of screens and backdrops.

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