How to choose the right hangers


As a retailer, selecting the right hangers for your merchandise is a top priority. Depending on your customer base and the type of materials you sell, you will want to make a different decision. Hangers are utilitarian pieces that serve a purpose, but they are also visible, which means aesthetics often play a role in choosing them. Here are some of the considerations to make when selecting hangers for your store.

Store environment
One of the most important considerations is the kind of ambiance you're going for. For instance, are you going after high-end luxury or a more low-cost, affordable kind of style? If you want your products to appear expensive and luxurious, it's often a good idea to go with retail wood hangers. Wood hangers have great aesthetic appeal and have a nice weight to them that provides customers with a sensual experience. Plastic hangers are a better option for retailers that have a lot of merchandise to deal with because they generally come at a lower cost. 

How the hangers are being displayed
Each store approaches display differently. Some may have circular racks for customers to sort through. Others may have bars or a clothes rack with just a limited number of pieces on display. Garments may also be mounted on slatwalls. You may want to consider having some more attractive hangers for places where they are more visible, for instance, on the end of a rack, or when prominently displayed on the wall.

Type of garment
Naturally, depending on the type of garment you are displaying, you will need to select unique types of hangers. Shirts, pants, suits and skirts each have unique hangers that are best suited to hanging them. If you use the wrong hanger, the garments may be stretched or wrinkled, which will impact their appearance.

Understated look
In some environments, you may want the clothes to speak for themselves, which means going after a relatively unobtrusive style of hanger. Streamlined metal hangers can speak volumes about a produce without the appearance of the hanger getting in the way. Be sure to draw attention towards the piece itself, rather than the object used to display it.

Many stores opt for a combination of hanging and displaying merchandise in other way, such as folding items and placing them on a table. This method often allows you to display the items more effectively. Having a variety of shirts or sweaters on a table can allow shoppers to take in all of the different items in one glance and then go to the one they are most interested in. Make sure the table itself has an attractive appearance.

For any store that sells garments, hangers are one of the most important things to think about. While they serve a specific purpose, they also make an impact on your brand. Be sure to choose hangers that keep clothes looking neat and also impact your aesthetic in a positive way.


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