Using display tables for visual merchandising


Display tables have many functions. At their most basic, they are just tables to put something on top of, but in practice they have multiple uses that might not initially become apparent until someone has taken the time to really study what can be done with them. For example, a person can combine display tables with props to create miniature displays. During the holiday season, tables can display a wide variety of merchandise. Every type of store can use display tables in a variety of ways. One of the many approaches for a toy store is to show action figures fighting in a huge conflict that will attract the attention of customers. Meanwhile, a model train could also be built on the same table, moving around to different stations and making noises, bringing a focal point to the place where the most expensive toys can be put on on display.

Another way to use display tables is to set up different jewelry displays, such as necklaces and earrings, or mannequin hands with rings. Many different jewelry displays could be placed on one single table, which allows the product to be a space-saving device as well as a tool for showing off the jewelry that exists in the store. Clothes can also be placed on the display tables – either discounted merchandise or expensive items like woolen sweaters. People would be able to easily examine the merchandise, picking up products and putting them down again, because the objects would simply be left on the table for perusal.

Glass cabinets
Another table that shopkeepers can utilize is the glass showcase. This is similar to a display table, but the inside is transparent, providing another place where items can be displayed. In the context of a toy store, this could be a diorama where helicopters can be strung up on plastic strings and army soldiers can fight. For a store selling antiques, small, expensive objects like jewelry caskets, art objects or antique books could be put into the glass case and kept secure but still in clear view for anyone that may want to enquire about a price. Ordinary jewelry could also be put into the cases, especially diamond rings and other expensive items that are too valuable to leave out in the open.

Glass cabinets come in many varieties, and some have shelves, which make them perfect for acting as glass-fronted bookcases, adding a stylistic flare to a book shop that specializes in rare volumes.


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