A method for selling books and magazines


Selling rare and out-of-print books can be a profitable business even in the age of Amazon. Companies that keep a good inventory can know they are offering merchandise that won't spoil with age or grow out of date. Even textbooks, which carry many editions, often have particular versions that teachers and students favor. Selling current books as well can be a good idea, and it may work to have a blend of used and new books.

Displaying the work is simple. Shopkeepers would want to use a combination of displays and shelves. The look of a good book store can vary quite a bit, but the methods for safely storing books remains the same no matter what. You will want to have a window display showing off the best of the merchandise – consider themes that other people might overlook, such as fairies and elves during the spring solstice, or out-of-print books on the occult during Halloween. People who are interested in matters like this tend to shop for books quite a bit, and keeping a store close to a local college may incentivize visiting students who could become regular shoppers.

You might also consider other items that someone interested in books would like to purchase. It may not necessarily be something like a bookmark. Some stores sell trinkets or items of interest such as postcards of art or burnable Chinese paper money. Anything that might strike someone as interesting or unique would probably interest someone who wants to buy books. Keep these in interesting containers to add to their charm.

Selling newspapers and magazines
People who like to read tend to read whenever they have the chance, and often like to have newspapers printed on real paper. As such, consider bringing newspapers or magazines into the book store. They can be stored on wooden newspaper racks or magazine racks. Bookstores also tend to be places where people hold literary gatherings and book groups. Depending on the nature of the book store, this could be a younger or an older crowd. As such, you may want to buy special interest magazines that suit a particular group that goes to the library. Storing the magazines in special holders near the register will make them look neat and attractive.

The key to selling books in a bookstore is to have a wide variety to display with the appropriate focus on visual merchandising. Keep things organized in sections with categories and alphabetic order. For other products, have them near the register so people can see them and browse while the sales person rings up the order.


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